Group language classes allow you to learn, interact and socialize in a supportive environment. Small groups offer greater interaction with your instructor and classmates, so you can start having conversations from day one.


Our group language learning classes are for those who:

  • Want to interact with others in a social, language learning program

  • Prefer learning on a fixed schedule in order to plan ahead, and stay on-track

  • Are looking for a cost-effective option


As a language student, there’s nothing more rewarding than holding your first conversation in a foreign language. Our unique approach to teaching language means you’ll be engaged from your very first lesson and speaking your new language much sooner than you think!

Our Teachers  

Our Teachers give the personal attention and motivation you need while practicing your new language in small groups.

Join a program that has over 20 years of experience offering Italian classes to adult learners


Our instructors have advanced degrees in Italian and in teaching language


FIAO|Language School


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