Christmas Dinner on Friday, December 12th at Favazza’s Rose of the Hill

The Federation of Italian-American Organizations will host its first annual Christmas Dinner on Friday, December 12th at Favazza’s Rose of the Hill.  With the theme of “Traditions of Italian Christmas”, this evening promises to be a memorable occasion and will include a very special menu that highlights Northern and Southern Italian culinary traditions and Christmas specialties. Entertainment will include some special guests.

The Federation of Italian-American Organizations is a board that consists of members representing the majority of Italian-American clubs and organizations in St. Louis. Our vision is to preserve and promote our shared cultural heritage. We do this through the work of our member clubs and organizations as well as through activities that we administer. While the Hill remains the center of Italian-American life in St. Louis, descendants of Italian immigrants live throughout the metro area. As St. Louis Italian-Americans become more dispersed, one of our goals is promote collaboration among the various Italian-American entities. It is our desire to interact with one another, collectively pass on our traditions to future generations, and develop a stronger identity in our community through opportunities to share and celebrate our culture.

We all come from a shared heritage—old and young; first through 4th generation; English or Italian-speaking; northern, central and southern. We invite you, a member of a St. Louis Italian-American organization, to help us bring in the holidays while making new friends in our ethnic community. Feel free to invite friends and relatives.

For more information, contact Derio Gambaro,

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