About FIAO Italian Language Program

The Italian language has steadily increased in popularity and is now the fourth most spoken foreign language in the United States.  In response to this trend, the Federation of Italian American Organizations of St. Louis (FIAO), a not-for-profit organization made up of many local Italian-American clubs, established the FIAO ITALIAN LANGUAGE PROGRAM.   The program is supported by the FIAO.

Our educational goal

The program’s major educational goal is to develop a student’s ability to speak the Italian language. Consequently, programmatic emphasis is on communication and practical understanding, not on grammar. Most of our instructors were born and educated in Italy.  All instructors, in addition to being fluent in English, are fluent in the Italian language, knowledgeable of correct grammar and pronunciation, and familiar with traditions and customs of Italian life.

To the greatest degree possible, only Italian is used in classes. The beginning level classes use a sufficient amount of English for clarification. Higher level classes are taught exclusively in Italian.

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